• The system adopts Windows CE controller
  • Six-axis programmable control, XYZ+ABC (can be replaced by XYZ+ABW or XYZ+ACW)
  • ATC system and A, B, C axis and spindle tilt option are available to increase machine functionally
  • Column movable master by linear slideway on X/Y/Z
  • Automatic lubrication
  • USB port
  • Use a 15-inch LCD touch screen, mouse, and standard keyboard
  • Presented in a dialog window with 3D stereo graphic description
  • Machining path and graphic display
  • Close-loop and feedback circuit design of 0.001mm resolution numerical linear scale is adopted on the 3 axis of the machine. Such design could get precise position setting, and increase the machining precision and efficiency of ORBIT-CUT
  • Dialogue programming editor that provides variety of hole enlargement modes (including function of edge search, center search, reference point search)
  • Automatic multi-step machining is available
  • Automatic home search function
  • ARC automatic arcing adjustment
  • Automatic center search and offset which could search the center and the deepest point of the hole
  • Movement of axis linear (3 axis), arc (2 axis), spiral (3 axis) and offset
  • Switch function: Language switch (Chinese/English) and unit system switch (Metric/Inch)
  • Single side sparking of 3 axis and 6 directions (plane rotation)
  • Automatic programming edition function: According to the material, area, initial current and wear rate do proper adjustment
Item Unit EDM-544M
Work Table Size mm 800 x 450
X/Y/Z Axis Travel mm 500 x 400 x 350
Electrode Plate to Work Table mm 325-675
Max. Electrode Weight kg 220
Max. Workpiece Weight kg 1350
Z Axis Motor Panasonic K DC servo 350w
Z Axis Rapid Feed Rate m/min 1.2
Z Axis Cutting Feed Rate m/min 1.2
Work Tank Size mm 1170 x 690 x 425
Oil Tank Capacity L 520
Weight of Machine Unit kg 1950
Outside Dimensions mm 4000x2650x2300
Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Paper filters Automatic fire extinguisher 
Clamping kits EROWA accessory
Electrode holder Dielectric cooler
Tool box C axis
Flushing nozzle Permanent magnetic table
Working lamp ATC (Auto Tool Changer)
Drill chuck Power regular