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  • The main structure of base, column and beam adopts high-rigidity and high-precision Meehanite cast iron, and heat treatment to eliminate internal stress, to ensure the structural stability and long-term precision to maintain
  • The beam box structure design with the ladder-type track configuration, providing a wide combination of saddle span to ensure that the spindle strong and stable cutting capacity
  • Three-axis roller-type precision linear slide design, fast acceleration and deceleration, feed rate of up to 36 M/min, cutting feed rate of 12 M/min.
  • Precise pre-drawing design of three-axis screw can effectively restrain the thermal displacement caused by temperature rise and ensure the accuracy of positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • The six-carriage block of the spindle head is designed with the weighting design, the feed reaction is sensitive and fast and stable, in addition to ensuring the precision and service life of the long-time running, it can buffer the dive to reach the positioning point
  • High-precision, high-performance spindle can be selected according to different processing needs of direct-type or built-in spindle, speed range BBT40 (HSK-63) / 15,000 rpm ~ 20,000 rpm
  • Built-in automatic temperature compensation device, effectively reduce the temperature rise arising from thermal displacement, to ensure the accuracy of processing accuracy
  • Spindle cooling system to ensure that the spindle in operation, the temperature stability, effectively inhibit the spindle temperature rise, to achieve the best precision machining
  • Convenient operating box rotating design, user-friendly according to the desired angle, position operation
  • Wide door design, easy to work up and down the workpiece
  • The spiral chuck screw on both sides of the base can quickly remove the chips and reduce the chip residue
  • Oil and water separation design, cut water tank with oil and water separation device, can extend the cutting fluid service life
  • 24-disc external disk-type automatic tool changer system, effectively reducing the machine area, to meet the various types of processing the use of different tools needs
Model  HMC-1100/HMC-1300/HMC-1500
Travel  X-Axis travel  1100/1300/1500 mm
Y-Axis travel  1100 mm
Z-Axis travel  750 mm
Linear guide way X-Axis RGW45
Y-Axis RGW55
Z-Axis RGW45
Ball screw X-Axis R50xP12
Y-Axis  R50xP12
Z-Axis  R50xP12
Table Area 1150x1200  / 1150x1400 / 1150x1600 mm
Max. Table Load 2000 kgs
T-slot dia. CD 125 x 18mm x 9T
Spindle Spindle taper BT40 / HSK63
Spindle speed and driving method 15,000 rpm Direct Drive (20,000 rpm built-in)
Distance Spindle nose to table surface 100-850 mm
Spindle center nose to column  456 mm
Tool Tool capacity 24
Max. Length of tool 400 mm
Max. Weight of tool 20 kgs
Tool change time 2.5 sec
Feeding Rapid feed speed X:36, Y:36, Z:36 m/min
Controller Mitsubushi controller MITSUBISHI M80 OPT: (FANUC 0i-MF, SIEMENS 828D)
Motor Spindle motor 15 HP
Feed motor  X:3.5, Y:3.5, Z:3.5 KW
Comptessed air supply 6 kg/cm²
Size (Length x Width x Height)          350*395*345 / 370*395*345 / 390*395*345 cm
 Net weight 11,550 / 13,050 / 14,550 kgs
Suitable container HMC-1100 / HMC-1300: Split into 2 pallets for a 40'HQ or 20'FR instead
HMC-1500: 20'FR